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Data bus fault finder

Described as much more than a break-out box, the new Snap-on Data Bus Fault Finder (EEFF500) diagnoses scan tool communication failures.


Today’s vehicles have 15 to 20 computers talking to each other on shared circuits that can ultimately fail. The new Data Bus Fault Finder (EEFF500) from Snap-on is the essential tool to diagnose Data Bus communication failures. When the Data Bus fails the scan tool loses communication with the vehicle’s network of onboard computers.

“Service technicians can waste hours searching for a computer data circuit failure,” said Dave Brekke, category manager for Snap-on. “By utilizing our new Data Bus Fault Finder, techs will be able to find the communication breakdown source more efficiently and solve the problem faster. The Snap-on Data Bus Fault Finder is an important addition to any service bay. If you have a scan tool, you should have a Fault Finder."

The U.S. patented Data Bus Fault Finder (EEFF500) is much more than a break-out box and includes the following features and benefits:

•           User controlled elimination of modules to isolate defects and find the failure location

•           Eliminate rogue/defective modules or data circuits that lock up the data bus via 12 switchable data channels

•           LED indicators light amber for short to ground and red for short to power

•           Self test upon power up; via membrane switch or toggle switches

•           12 standard banana jacks for DMM probing

•           Communicates via data bus network connector

•           Bus integrity LEDs that constantly monitor the Data Bus

•           Two-year warranty

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